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Why I want to sell t-shirts
Well, I have always wanted to do something, create something, be of service to others, but I have never managed that…
I understood why at age 40, when I was diagnosed with ADHD, after having an Ischemic and Hemorrhagic stroke at age 36.
My whole life I have been in and out of ideas, jobs, projects and never completed anything…typical ADHD…and many other typical ADHD stuff…
This is not my first time going for the T-shirt selling business, I started in my late 20’s right out of college but for some reason I quit, I can’t remember why (maybe had to do with it being hard or I found something else fun I wanted to do…?
However, I am back at it again and this time I plan on staying around!
I have a 6-year-old son who loves to draw and he wanted to create t-shirts from his drawings so I print his drawings on kids’ clothes and he and I decided that 50% of the earnings would go to various charities.
The first charity we will be donating to is a children’s charity. Because the world is supposed to stick around for the young ones as well and so they need all the help they can get both physically and mentally, therefore we have chosen Save The Children USA  and SOS Barnebyer in Norway.
For the adults, I have chosen to donate to the Mental Health Sector and the charity I choose is Brain & Behavior
So please shop and help us help the children and mental health sector.

Introducing EllBelTeo's Animal Prints

Because my son LOVES animals, I decided to create every printed garment with an animal print.

I have some weird fascination with snakes. I find the repulsive but at the same time beautiful. The way they slither through their surroundings, their precise aim for their prey,  the muscle strength they have and the venom they pour out through their teeth when they bite... 

Animals are so fascinating!

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Panda Joury

Love the print and the t-shirt is of good quality. Thanks EllBelTeo :)

Clement Yesti

Great t-shirt!

Oluf Tangen

I like the t-shirt and look forward to seeing what else EllBelTeo creates!


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